Affirm® MoisturRight™ and StyleRight™ Hair Maintenance Products is a super luxurious exclusive line of products that help maintain your hair in the best possible health by nourishing each strand with rich moisturizing conditioners that penetrate deep into the hair and scalp. You will see the gorgeous results of using this amazing, innovative product line! The Ingredients… learn more

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MoisturRight™ Clarifying Shampoo

MoisturRight™ Nourishing Shampoo

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MoisturRight™ Nourishing Conditioner

MoisturRight™ Hair Repair Masque

Affirm MoisturRight™ Leave-In Detangler

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Affirm StyleRight™ Foam Wrap Lotion

Affirm StyleRight™ Laminate Spray

Affirm StyleRight™ Light Hairdress Creme

Affirm StyleRight™ ProGrowth Oil