Ferm Controlled Reshaping Crème (Step 1b)

Straightens and reshapes hair before permanent curls or waves are locked in for a smooth, well-defined permanent curl or wave formation.

Size: 16 oz.


  • Utilizing a controlled processing action, it produces stronger and more supple curls and waves.
  • Only the appropriate number of cystine bonds are broken to insure minimal hair damage (NOTE: Many thio cremes break up to 80-90% of cystine bonds–far more than necessary. Ferm controls bond breakage to about 20%).
  • Available in two strengths: Normal and Resistant
  • Available in 16 oz.


  • Minimal cystine bond cleavage.
  • Straightens hair effectively and prepares it to accept a smooth, well-defined,   permanent curl or wave pattern.
  • Leaves hair with a silky and healthy looking texture.
  • No strong thio odor after processing hair.