Ferm Quaternizer Pre-Perm Conditioner (Step 1a)

Is a unique and exclusive combination of conditioners, applied before the Ferm Curl & Body Perm Reshaping Crème to help create beautiful curls and waves with minimal cystine bond damage.

Size: 32 fl. oz.


  • Penetrates within open cuticles providing the deepest conditioning possible.  Note:  The greatest degree of conditioning is achieved at this stage because the Controlled Reshaping Crème elevates the hair’s pH to 9.0 from the normal 4.5 – 5.5 range, which opens the cuticle.
  • Helps reduce damage during chemical processing and protects the inner areas of the hair fiber during the chemical process.
  • Available in 32 fl oz size


  • Helps condition hair before, during and after perm applica- tion.
  • During elevated pH levels, conditioners penetrate to promote healthy looking curls and waves.
  • Hair is easy to comb.
  • Leaves hair soft, silky and lustrous.